CITIZENS FOR A NEW LOUISIANA originated from a group of concerned citizens that decided it was time for taxpayers to hear a different narrative – one they knew to be true but weren’t hearing from the LOCAL GOVERNMENT or the LOCAL MEDIA.


CITIZENS FOR A NEW LOUISIANA is the most effective LOCAL GOVERNMENT WATCHDOG group in the entire state. We strive to reach ultimate GOVERNMENT TRANSPARENCY and ACCOUNTABILITY with our elected officials.

We attend meetings, submit requests for public records, and review countless public documents to uncover the truth, keep the citizen’s informed, and present it in a way everyone can understand.


Making LOCAL GOVERNMENT more transparent takes work all over the Acadiana area: from city and parish council and school board meetings, to newspaper offices and private chats with various public officials.

However, we still need a place to hold meetings and coordinate our effots with volunteers. That space is in an atrium suite inside beautiful Gordon Square at the corner of Jefferson and Vermilion Streets in Downtown Lafayette.


It’s been said that CITIZENS FOR A NEW LOUISIANA has a disproportionate amount of influence for the resources at our disposal. We’re incredibly accomplished dispite only having two staff members and a few volunteers.

Non-profit organizations thrive on volunteers and donors, and we’re no exception. Volunteers can help us be in more places at once, and more funds can help us reach a larger audience. Both are vitally important and can only be provided by the community.

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